Please listen to the Macias family’s story and help us reach out to everyone you know to help them. They have gone through so much these last 3 years, and to have their son honored at the RoseBowl Parade is something none of them should miss out on. We would like to raise $10,000 for the family, so when they come home, they still have some funds to pay a few bills with. Will you join us during this holiday season to fund this family’s time together in celebration and memory? We need to close the funding quickly as time is short, so, Please Pledge your support TODAY. NOW. Don’t wait. We have started the snowball rolling, please help us push it up the hill! Every pledge over $50 will receive a beautiful WPRSG light and stylus pen as our way of saying thank you. God Bless, and Merry Christmas.

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They will truly appreciate any contribution you are able to give.

Blue Feather Youth Academy

5 day summer camp(s) over 5 different weeks are offered to give young people a sampling of rodeo events and the western lifestyle. Once the introduction is complete the individual can choose the academy they want to participate in.

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Steer Wrestling Academy

In this two day Academy a mechanical steer and horse are pulled by quads as instructors give direction on best techniques for steer wrestling, saving on livestock and keeping the rider safe. During the second day riders are usually able to handle the livestock.

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Rough Stock Academies

We use simulators and robotics combined with experienced teachers and mentors to create a safe, effective, and fun learning environment. As skills progress the student moves to live stock.

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Barrel Racing3
Barrel Racing

Working with local clubs and associations, we provide incentives for beginning barrel racers and their trainers. It is important to secure the support of the local groups when organizing barrel racing academies and we base our activities on the local levels of interest.

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Cutting Academies

Our cutting clinics cover horse work, cattle work & flag work. Equine care and training are an important part of this academy. Horses can be provided for a small fee.

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Roping Academies
Roping Academies

Roping event champions develop over years of patient practice. Our academies use the most advanced simulators and practice dummies to mimic the actions of a calf. This saves on livestock and gives the ability for our instructors to scrutinize the techniques of the throws.

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A Sustainable Future

Pioneer Fund
Endowment Fund
Competition Fund
Amateur Rodeo Events

Register for YOUR academy training session today! FUN * SAFE * EFFECTIVE

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Benefits and Support


10% of your Training Academy fee or your “Shopping Cart Bundle” is set aside in your name as a corporately sponsored savings plan. The initial sum is “topped up” at the end of each calendar year using the interest and investment income generated by the professionally managed “Rodeo Legacy Fund”.


We have a fun and effective approach to teaching using simulators and robotics for progressive skill development. At the same time, our students learn about themselves, business management, health, nutrition and fitness. It’s a great way to get outdoors and get involved.


Working with local communities, organizations and committees to either support or develop amateur events for our young people. Together we create an exciting venue to demonstrate and develop skills. All stakeholders benefit in these initiatives.


Arena venues have been developed to host apprentice style training programs that develop rodeo skills for youth and provides hands on experience. Creating a practical foundation for the student's future.

What Others Say


Bare Back Champions

We are pleased to be working with communities and organizations in both the U.S. and Canada. Feed back to date has been exciting.

Oscar from The Walking Dead

We are pleased to be working with communities and organizations in both the U.S. and Canada. Feed back to date has been exciting.

Youngest Bull Rider

We are pleased to be working with communities and organizations in both the U.S. and Canada. Feed back to date has been exciting.