The World Professional Rodeo Sport Group is regenerating the resources of rodeo to support and revitalize the industry.  Long standing rodeo legends are joining hands with industry professionals to train young people in the art of rodeo.  By combining practical mentorship with hands-on business, personal development, and health and fitness instruction, the company hopes to entice eager young riders and breeders to the sport.

The short term goals of the company are to nurture and build a duplicatable “plant” that can be expanded internationally as new participants enter the sport. WPRSG is assembling the assets that will be necessary over the long term: breeding and training livestock; developing young riders for the sport; preparing practical curriculum content; creating event production teams; and all the peripheral components involved in the delivery of successful rodeo events.

It is WPRSG’s long term goal to create a funnel of young talent from the grass roots up, to carry on the fantastic cross-cultural legacies of pro rodeo and to restore the respect and community pride relative to our western heritage.