Business & Breeder Participants


The WPRSG announces the launch of an international participant program aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of young breeders supporting the rodeo industry.  Businesses interested in supporting the industry and participating in the Retirement Fund may also enroll through this membership.

In recognition of the risks that are inherent to the industry, WPRSG has developed a membership-based support program which fosters mentorship and sustainability for young ranchers and farmers.

A portion of each membership fee will be used to grow three funds.  The first 10% of the fee goes to a Foundation set up to support an individual retirement program for young breeders and riders and business owners; the second 10% goes to an Endowment fund designed to support education programs; and the third 10% is set aside in a Holding Fund to provide the purse monies for rodeo events targeted at junior and intermediate level participants.  The WPRSG is scheduling to hold a minimum of 10 events over 2015-2016.

This is a brand new approach to the rodeo industry, one aimed at bringing in young participants, both animals and riders, and showcasing their capabilites as each moves towards higher skill levels.

Our membership application form is attached (pdf form).

Taking applications now.