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Hollywood Yates joins forces with WPRSG bringing Excitement to the Kootenai River Rodeo in Libby, Montana

Hollywood, CA – July 6, 2015,

Hollywood Yates, one of the most entertaining and daring bullfighters of all time, has stepped into another arena! He’s bringing his new band “Hollywood Yates and the Wolf Pack” to join other spectacular entertainment coordinated by WPRSG for Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 in Libby, Montana. The Kootenai River Rodeo is held at J. Neils Memorial Park and hosted by Kootenai River Rodeo of Montana.

We are excited to have world famous Hollywood Yates supporting WPRSG with their vision to support young people by teaching them the skills, excitement, and rich history of the sport of rodeo. Hollywood is inviting everyone to come “Dance in the Dirt” in support of the education, training and mentorship program that WPRSG has created. His unique sound will have Libby Rodeo Fans begging for more!

Hollywood Yates, is not new to rodeo crowds. He is known through out the world by many things! He is a 2 time National Finals Rodeo Wrangler Bullfighter, a 1 time National Finals Rodeo Wrangler Barrel Man (one of only two men to have ever been both in 56 Years). Hollywood also stepped into the WWE Ring as a professional wrestler and was negotiating a contract when NBC’s American Gladiators was brought back from the ashes and WOLF was born! The Crowd favorite and the loudest most feared Gladiator of all time, Hollywood helped bring American Gladiators to the #1 show on Monday Nights.

Not only will WPRSG be providing Entertainment, with Hollywood Yates and other professional Entertainers to be featured at this event, they will be impacting and changing the lives of young people enticing them back into rodeo with robotics, mentor ship and a career benefits plan. This crew is creating something special, giving an opportunity for troubled youth to also find a new path.

The Team at WPRSG and Hollywood Yates are very passionate about causes helping the young adults of today. They believe that helping and supporting organizations that save lives around the world is the best form of collaboration, both WPRSG and Hollywood Yates are doing something special to captivate the minds and imagination of young adults.

To see Interviews with Hollywood Yates and find out more information about WPRSG visit: http://www.WPRSG.com/

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