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• The WPRSG academy fee is $499 (Cdn). A $250 deposit is required, with the balance due 7 days before your class. The fee includes a one time annual charge of $40.00 for your insurance. WPRSG insurance is mandatory for every participant, renewed yearly and is additional to any other insurance held.
• REFUND POLICY – I understand that if I withdraw for any reason, I will not receive a refund at any time during the year.
• Enclosed is my cheque/money order for $250. Balance due 7 days prior to class.


I acknowledge that rodeo activities are inherently dangerous and create a substantial risk of damage to my personal property (including livestock and equipment) and of serious bodily injury (including death or permanent injury) to all participants as well as to others. I hereby represent and acknowledge that I am aware of these risks and that they cannot be completely eliminated even with the utmost care. I acknowledge that when participating, in any capacity, in an event sanctioned by the WPRSG, the risk of these injuries is substantially increased, and I have a duty to use caution and diligence to reduce the risk of the injuries and damages mentioned above. I assume the risk of any injury to my personal property or of any bodily injury to me, including bodily injury resulting in death or permanent injury, as a result of an event sanctioned by the WPRSG and hereby waive any right I may have to assert any claim for damages of any kind arising out of any such injury against the WPRSG, it’s officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, and it’s sponsors, or against any WPRSG contestants, stock contractors, bucking stock event producers, bull fighters, and other contract personnel. I do further release and discharge all of the above-mentioned persons and entities from any liability for any of the above-described personal injuries and property damages which are incurred in connection with my participation in an event sanctioned by the WPRSG. I will not commence or prosecute any claim for damages against any of the persons or entities released, and if I bring or prosecute any claim in breach of this agreement, I will pay all costs and expenses caused by my breach or which are incurred in connection with the enforcement of this agreement, including a reasonable amount of attorney’s fees, and abide by all rules of the WPRSG.


I acknowledge that the WPRSG has the exclusive right to photograph, film, record (by film, videotape, or by any other means), televise, broadcast, or otherwise reproduce, advertise, publicize, exhibit, and display all WPRSG sanctioned classes and events for commercial purposes. In consideration of the right to be a member of the WPRSG and to participate in WPRSG sanctioned classes and events, I hereby grant to the WPRSG the permission and right to use my name, voice, likeness, picture, photograph, and image, including any film or videotape of my performance in a WPRSG sanctioned class or event, in any form or medium, for the above-mentioned purposes, as well as for any non-commercial purposes and I hereby release the WPRSG, together with its successors and assignees, from any claims I may have, either now or in the future, arising out of the use of my name, voice, likeness, etc. for any such purposes.


I acknowledge that this program is exclusive to WPRSG and is designed to develop my skills and knowledge. I agree not to disclose or divulge any information (either verbal or written); techniques; materials; or any other matter relating to the conduct of the Academy classes or events, to any third party without the express, written consent of the WPRSG.

If applicant is under the age of eighteen (18) years, both parent(s) or guardian(s)and/or sole custodian must execute the following addition to the above: WE HEREBY FULLY ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS FULL RELEASE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RIGHTS AND AGREE TO BE FULLY BOUND THEREBY ON BEHALF OF PARTICIPANT. ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED TO BY:

Guardian(s) of Participant under 18 yrs.

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World Professional Rodeo Sport Group Inc.
Suite 310, 4723 – 1st Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2G 4Y8
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(*Participants must be at least 7 years of age. )